“There are a lot of smart people in our country, but there also are certain discrepancies in so-called Ukrainian mentality, which do not depend on the will of the country’s top leadership, since most of the ordinary people in fact do not want, can not and are not capable of doing anything. In everyday life people very often do things forbidden by faith, morality and law. Neither the state nor its leadership has any control over it. Ukraine is destined to reach the bifurcation point and pass the point of catharsis after which we will all realize that there is no other way but to roll up our sleeves, start working and, most importantly, accomplish something practical, not in word but in deed.”

Anatolii Matios,
Theses of the speech delivered at the round table meeting “Problems in business related to development, manufacturing and trading of special technical devices”
Kyiv, May 29th, 2012

The briefing devoted to the results of the Military Prosecutor’s office activities (full version)

Video of the briefing by the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios (in Ukrainian)

On November 1, 2017, a briefing devoted to the results of the Military Prosecutor’s office activities took place.  So, I’d like to highlight some key points here once again:

If a state due to actions of some people loses its prestige and monopoly to apply military power, such state cannot enjoy public confidence anymore.

The reason of this briefing was to show our citizens – as far as feasible – that our state is taking action indeed and it has opportunities for doing so. We are doing our work in the proper way, so, the person who allowed such an ignominy and violation of the law to happen, will ultimately be brought to justice.

Although, our work, serious complex we carry out operations cannot be the subjects to online public disclosure.

We do understand that everyone wants to see a real result, not just words in a report, but a real result. We do have results and carry on our investigations. But there is still plenty of hard work ahead.



The judge detained; she is suspected of falsifying court decisions that transferred ownership of Donetsk citizens’ real estate to terrorists

Video of the briefing by the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios (in Ukrainian)

On October 31, 2017, the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Military Prosecutor’s Office detained a judge of Belgorod-Dnistrovsky court, a native of Donetsk. She is suspected of producing fake  court decisions during 2015-16, using stamps stolen from Kirovsky District Court of Donetsk in 2014-2016.

According to those fake decisions, in the so-called DPR and LPR registrars made changes to the registration documents regarding real estate objects and housing in Donetsk, which belonged to Donetsk citizens; as a result, ownership of that real estate was transferred to representatives of terrorist organizations.

By now, three victims of that crime testified to having learned that they already had no residence in Donetsk by accidentally viewing the open registries of real estate property.

During the search, the following was found: papers from registration offices in so-called DPR, extracts from the registry, copies of court decisions made by judges who worked in Donetsk in 2013-2014 (the arrested judge produced fake decisions under their names).

Her accomplice and the main organizer of this scam and crime, was also detained.  He was the communicator between the suspected judge and the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the so-called DPR.


Investigators are close indeed to pinpointing real people who have taken terrorist attacks in Ukraine to the assembly line

Video of the briefing by the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios (in Ukrainian)

In the Donetsk region, on the territories of so-called DPR and LPR, there exist special centers that have taken terrorist attacks to the assembly line. These centers are supervised by officers from the Russian special services. That is what investigators have found out for sure.

We will do our best and use all our modest, let me emphasize it, modest opportunities that are provided to us by the Law, in the atmosphere of critical attitude towards us from the society and media. We will do our work not only in relation, say, territories that are fully controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, but also on the temporarily occupied territories, namely in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts as well as in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.



Ukrainian Amphibious Apmored Personnel Carrier BTR-3E1 (English)


Designed     2000, Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau
Weight     16.4 tonnes
Length     7.65 m
Width     2.9 m
Height     2.8 m (including turret)
Crew     3 crew (+6 passengers)
Main armament – 30 mm caliber
Secondary armament – 7.62 mm
Engine     Deutz AG – 326 hp
Suspension     wheeled 8×8
Operational range – 600km
Speed     85 km/h

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Several hundred soldiers of the National Guard left their military units in Kyiv and the region to rally near the Presidential Administration

PoltorakOn Oct. 13, several hundred soldiers of the National Guard left their military units in Kyiv and the region to rally near the Presidential Administration, demanding the end of draft. National Guard units are staffed though national mobilization, but the terms of service for these particular units have been extended several times beyond the usual one year.

Anatolii Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor and Yury Viytev, military prosecutor of the Central District, tried for hours to persuade the soldiers to disperse, saying that they were subject to criminal punishment for their actions.

Source: www.kyivpost.com

Address by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to the Joint Session of the United States Congress – 18.09.2014

Mr. Speaker,

Majority Leader,

Members of the House, Members of the Senate

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me thank you for your warmth and hospitality.

Addressing both houses of Congress is one of the highest political privileges.

Standing here, I am grateful – and fully aware that this honor goes not to me, but to the people of Ukraine – those brave men and women who are today on the forefront of the global fight for democracy!

Allow me speak to you on their behalf.

I will focus on one thing that is at the core of Ukraine’s existence today: freedom.

There are moments in history when freedom is more than just a political concept.

At those moments, freedom becomes the ultimate choice, which defines who you are – as a person and as a nation.

Ukraine has lived this moment over the last 10 months – and became the scene of the most heroic story of the last decade, a synonym for sacrifice, dedication and the unbreakable will to live free.

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Ukrainian President Poroshenko addresses Canadian Parliament with a Phenomenal standing ovation. September 17, 2014.

Mr. Prime Minister,
Speaker Kinsella,
Speaker Scheer,
Honorable Members of the Senate and House of Commons,

Honorable Members of the Diplomatic Community,

Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

It is a deeply felt honor to address this distinguished legislative body.

I must thank you, Prime Minister, for inviting me to come to Canada, Speaker Kinsella and Speaker Scheer – for giving me such outstanding opportunity to address the Canadian Parliament. I see this as a tribute to my country and the Ukrainian people, and an expression of the unique, distinctive partnership that our nations enjoy.

Let me also just once use the third “official language” of Canada – Ukrainian:

Дякую вам за цю честь, дорогі друзі!

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